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Sales and Marketing. There are people who do that, right?

pifall_sales_and_marketing Ironically, once the Founder is stretched beyond breaking and decides to bring on a Sales Person, the thing that previously was too important to delegate is now dispatched to the new VP, Sales and Marketing.  The Founder congratulates himself on this major step forward:  “Now I can focus on the Product and know that Sales/Marketing is happening…whatever that means.  The VP tells me everything is on track, we’ve got good Traction in the marketplace, the pipeline is filling up, and two new contracts will be signed next week.  Sales and Marketing—Check!  It’s good to be King!”

“How’s that new Marketing, I mean, Sales guy doing? (My new Sales guy tells me we need a Marketing guy, so he wasn’t as qualified as I thought.)  It’s been 3 months and no new Sales?  Sure, I understand, it takes a while to understand the Product.  Training, yeah, I get it.  Our products are very sophisticated.”

… [ 3 months later] “Still no new Sales?  I guess that’s understandable, these Sales Cycles do take time.  But the pipeline is better than ever!  Great!”

… [3 more months later] “Whatever happened to those two contracts that were going to sign 6 months ago?  Yes, please do get back with me with the details.  I read in the trade magazine that our competitor signed a big contract last month?  Were we in the running?  Oh, inside job?   That’s tough.”

… [more time passes]  “If the new VP of Sales doesn’t sell something soon, he’s going to leave unless we extend his commission advance.  Then we’ll have to start all over! “

I’m about done with that Sales Guy!  The only sales we’ve had since he came are the ones that I closed!  And he expects me to pay him a commission for those!  Fire him!”

… [3 months later] “Wrongful Termination?  He’s got an attorney?”