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The sales person has to understand the Buy Cycle and act accordingly as explained in the Sales Cycle discussion.  A successful sales person is one that not only understands product knowledge, domain knowledge, and sales skills, but also understands that there is a specific cycle that must be followed.  The successful sales person is also thinking of a more Personal Sales Cycle – one more dependent on personality and style.



Personal Cycle


Buyers prefer to deal with people that they like and trust.  It is not uncommon for successful sales people become friends with their customers.  Those customers not only become good references, they also evangelize the products at meetings, conferences, and other forums where other potential customers attend.  What better way to enable potential customers to become “Aware” of your company’s solution?It has become clear that the Internet is making an impact on the buying process.  Buyers now have more resources available to them.  This easy access to information enables them to conduct research on their own in a more efficient manner.  As a result, buyers are frequently further along in their Buying Cycles before bringing in sales people.  The change impacts the amount of time required for some steps of the Buying Cycle and can therefore reduce the amount of early-on involvement from sales people.  However, the actual steps a buyer goes through remain the same.  Therefore, it is now more important than ever for companies to have web sites that meet prospective customers where ever they are in the buying process.  Although buyers are now more informed, the sales person’s job remains one of helping them visualize your product as being the best solution for their need/pain.  Companies whose sales and marketing people have the ability to match their Sales Cycle to their prospects’ Buying Cycles with a predictable, repeatable process will be successful in the marketplace.

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