February, 2013

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Sales Cycle & Buy Cycle

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Companies operating in a B2B marketplace depend on their sales organization to generate additional revenue. CEOs of those companies are more likely to have a successful sales force if they can define a predictable, repeatable sales process. Basic to the sales process is an understanding of the classic Sales Cycle – the steps necessary to successfully acquire new business. Similarly, the Buy Cycle represents the steps buyers must go through to acquire an item. The length of time for each step may be different from company to company. Therefore, there will be some variations in each specific sales opportunity. It is important that each of the steps be taken to help insure a successful outcome.

A successful sales person will adjust their Sales Cycle to best match the Buy Cycle of the prospective customer. Although the length of the Sales Cycle can be impacted by a salesperson, the Buy Cycle will be the main control.